Monkey Madness with Patraik

Monkey Madness every thursday at the Monkey Bar. Let's have an afterwork and enjoy good beats, good drinks and good people.

Dress code? #comeasyouare

Since the age of 18, Patraik is been spinning records and has built an impressive collection over the years. Although he initially started out with hip hop and rap, he soon discovered his love for electronic music in 2006 and has been exploring the roots of house and techno ever since.

But for Patraik, music is not just about the beats and the melodies. He believes that electronic music has a powerful unifying effect that brings people from all cultures together under one "house" of music. Whether it's funk, hip hop, or the origins of techno in Detroit, Patraik's goal is to bridge the past with the present, showcasing the full spectrum of house music through his carefully curated sets.

entrance free

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