Balagan & Beats

On Thursday evening, our Essbar will be brought to pulsate and Balagan becomes a way of life.

Price: 129 CHF incl. Balagan Menu, NENI wines à discretion, welcome drink and live DJ

Immerse yourself in this beautiful chaos and enjoy the full range of the NENI cuisine - there's more on the culinary program than just hummus and falafel.

And if you think you're already full, go ahead and order more! Here we serve and drink generously. Because our NENI house wines and a refreshing welcome drink are already included in the price.

Experience how our experts present their cooking skills in the show kitchen and at the Josper Grill. Flavours unfold and the dishes are created right before your eyes. And as an exclusive highlight, Haya Molcho, the founder of NENI, will be present in person at our first event.

Line-up on the table - Balagan Menu (vegetarian customisation possible)


OVEN BAKED SWEET POTATOES. Crème Fraîche, Spinach, Rocket, Sesame Dressing, Seed Oil, Roasted Pumpkin Seeds


BABAGANOUSH. Smoky Aubergine Puree, Chilli Oil, Sourdough Crumble, Parsley, Pita Bread

SALMON SASHIMI. Burnt Butter, Ponzu, Chilli, Sesame, Pickled Cucumbers, Quinoa

Main course

NENI WAGYU KEBAB. Handmade Wagyu Beef and Lamb Kebab. Mashwija, Har Bracha Tahina, Amba, Sumac Onions, Sourdough Pinsa

GRILLED BUTTERFLIED SEA BREAM. Mangold, Harissa, Goat´s Milk Yoghurt, Smoked Sea Salt

JERUSALEM PLATE. NENI Classic Hummus, Jerusalem Spiced Chicken, Amba, Tahina Powder, Burnt Vegetables, Pita Bread

SPICY CARAMELISED AUBERGINE. Ginger, Red Chilli, Toasted Sesame, Japanese Rice, Coriander


SESAM³. Toasted White Sesame, Homemade Muscovado Ice Cream, Har Bracha Halva, Raw Tahini, Date Syrup, Caramelised Pecans

NENI CHEESECAKE. The Very Best New York Cheesecake

tickets entrance free

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