Parisian Maëva Marie-Sainte shows us her top spots within cycling distance of 25hours Hotel

Welcome to the Gare du Nord neighbourhood! We are in the 10th arrondissement, a vibrant social and cultural melting pot thanks to wave after wave of immigration. This is one of my all-time favourite areas of Paris! Its diversity and multiculturalism is alive and kicking in its boutiques, clubs, concept stores, street art, coffee shops, casual restaurants, and comedy clubs. It offers good value for money, and is an area where every Parisian wants to settle down in their 20s, 30s and 40s. Everything is very accessible by Metro and bus, but more scenically
by bike with a good network of cycle lanes. Happily 25hours Hotel Terminus Nord is located right in front of the Gare du Nord between three different tribes: Canal Saint-Martin (hipster and street arts, urban bohemian and casual chic); Montmartre (touristy and cultural plus the redlight district); and the Place de la République (local boutiques, family-friendly and festive). Join me as I explore my favourite spots by high spec Schindelhauer bikes (pedal power or electric), available for guests of 25hours Hotels to rent.

Marché Saint Quentin

This cute covered market began in 1866 during Baron Haussmann’s modernisation of Paris. It’s a great place to feel like a local and connect with other human beings. It’s also a place where different generations meet up. Here you see new lovers or friends who have partied hard having coffee and breakfast outside! The iron architecture is typical of this period and the water fountain in the centre is a Parisian landmark. My favourite stall is Au Coeur du Marché, a fromagerie that sells the most delicious goat cheese called Valençay.

Marché couvet Saint-Quentin
Le Comptoir Général

Tucked on the banks of the Canal Saint Martin, Le Comptoir Général is one of my favourite places to hang out with my best friends. The atmosphere is exotic. Everyone feels like an explorer here. The decor is a mix between a museum and the Pirates of the Caribbean! The food is good quality, and in the evening the bar offers a smooth lounge area to dance, talk and have fun. I recommend the apple tarte tatin with salted caramel and of course the cocktails with good quality rum from my French Caribbean island of Martinique called Saint James, Clement, JM. Make sure you book in advance, especially if you want to eat. The clubbing dress code is casual chic. Sneakers are allowed but they need to be city sneakers. Now you're all set!

Le Comptoir Général
Villemin Garden

Built on the site of a former 19th century military hospital, this was one of the first public community gardens in the city of Paris. I love it because it’s so open and crossing it leads to the canal and its bridges. It’s a great idea to buy cheese and charcuterie at the Saint Quentin market, a baguette or two from a Parisian bakery, and enjoy a picnic on the grass.



Villemin Garden
Colors Festival

The Colors Festival art exhibition demonstrates how technical street art is, and how talented street artist are from all over the world. To get the most out of your visit, try to get an early ticket so you have enough time to see everything. There’s a cafe at the top of the exhibition to reset and refuel. I used to work and guide this street art festival so I got to know the artists and understand their techniques. Special shout out to Sax and Codex Urbanus, and of course Combo (Combo Culture Kidnapper), the founder!

Colors Festival
Le Passage Brady

I love this hidden covered passage as it expresses the local multiculturalism of Paris. Built in 1822, it’s literally a little piece of India here in the French capital. Here you’ll find authentic Indian produce and tasty, spicy food. My personal favourite purchases are Indian cosmetics and incense.

La Patronnerie

This progressive, feminist boutique sells products designed and created by ethical French entrepreneuse. It was founded by Alice and Marieke who use all their skills to help other women to express their power through business. It’s all done through the spirit of sisterhood. I developed my tour guide brand, Local Circuit Tours and my electric scooters tours A Day A District in their co-working space. My favourite products are the gorgeous body suits by Superbe, the colourful upcycled rings by Kitx.

La Patronnerie
Le Pavillon des Canaux

This place was a former lockkeeper’s house. It’s now a cosy, conceptual restaurant, and a great place to relax and reset after a nice walk along the canal. It’s perfect for brunch with friends, a tea time treat, or a very late dinner and drinks in the summer. My tip is to get here early, head to the ‘bathroom’, and sit in the bathtub for a face-to-face conversation with coffee and cakes! Don’t miss the gluten-free and chocolate buttered cookies which melt in your mouth.

Le Pavillon des Canaux
La Caserne

This former fire station has been transformed into a sustainable clothing design incubator, an ethical restaurant called Ora, and a gateway courtyard. It’s just opened so it is mainly used by the fashion students and locals. The beautiful space, and the consciousness about being an ethicial consumer, whether that’s clothes or food, make it feel very special. I imagine myself organising a 30th birthday party here for a friend of mine this summer.

La Caserne
Montmartre District

Montmartre became part of Paris in 1852, previously a place to grow grapefruit and cereal, famous for its windmills. Struggling artists could afford to live here such as Van Gogh, and Renoir. I enjoy the gardens of the Sacré Coeur and the streets near Abbesses metro station home to Le Bateau-Lavoir where Picasso created Les Demoiselles d’Avignon in 1907. I love to walk and explore the boutiques of Rue des Martyrs. 

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