Go Local With Luca

Swiss artist Luca Süss takes us on a tour of their favourite Zurich hangouts.

Luca is a 24-year old trans non-binary artist who did an apprenticeship in sign-making before studying art at Zurich University of the Arts. Moving here from Winterthur via Thurgau, Zurich is the place they love to be as although it’s a small city, there’s lots to do.
Luca’s sculptures address the phenomenon of armour as a protection and defence of queer people in a heteronormative binary society as well as the cultural anthropological question of the influence of toys on the formation of children‘s gender identities and the theories encompassing a queer ecology.
As Luca says, “These sculptures are indeed defenders, they are armour. But of course not in a
literal sense. They won‘t protect anyone from being harmed physically or psychologically, but the fact that these sculptures take objects up into themselves and turn them into something queer and comforting gives the viewer a new perspective on these objects, and through that some sort of protection from a patriarchal binary and heteronormative world.
“They are seemingly held together by longing, and the disparate nature of their surfaces is about enduring, embracing and highlighting many tensions. This surface, which is mostly made of found materials, carries histories of different times and places as contemporary pop culture. By incorporating the objects into new relationships without giving up their former voice, illustrates temporary partial connections and creates a seemingly living queer organism.”

Instagram @luca.suss

Zentralwäscherei Space

This collectively run cultural centre in a former squat, has amazing parties as well as concerts, a cozy bar and excellent food during the day. You can go there at any time and have a good time on your own or with friends. 




I go here whenever I feel like eating out. It’s the most delicious Vietnamese food in the city – especially the green thai curry – and at low prices. It’s not flashy, but it’s super cute and the family who run it are very friendly. 




This art collective kind of place is also my absolute favourite place to go swimming in Zurich. The water is cooler than the swimming in the lake and it’s often not so crowded. Plus it’s right next to the Escher-wyss Square, which is super easy to reach with public transport. 



Kino Riff Raff

I love this amazing arthouse cinema at Langstrasse Zurich. It’s the best cinema experience, and the finest choice of movies in town, both art house and more mainstream like Wes Anderson’s The French Dispatch. It’s very central and there's the option to vote for a movie that you want to see there. Currently my vote would be for Trainspotting, directed by Danny Boyle. 




If you’re looking for some chilled downtime, Bäckeranlage park is perfect. It’s very central and yet quiet with lots of small, independent cafes and shops around it like Mama’s Bäcki Lädeli where I like to get a drink to take over to the park. Bäckeranlage is the perfect place to meet friends and chill out.




This incredible thrift shop is packed full of superb, one-off finds such as furniture, kitchen equipment, crafting tools and jewellery, all at very, very low prices. You’ll always find something here. It’s a great place for a unique souvenir of Zurich, or if you’re furnishing a flat! My best finds are materials that I can work with in my art. 




This is my absolute favourite space to see independent, thought provoking art shows. It’s run by three wonderful artists, Oz Oderbolz (@_oberstolz), Tanja Roscic (@babafoxy) and Nem (@_orrrg). It’s very close to the line of the bus 31, so it's easy to get there. Definitely a must visit.



Instagram @toxi_space
Baby Angel

This basement nightclub is right next to the Zurich Hardbrücke railway station - an amazingly central location. The interior of the club is beautiful as it used to be an old wine basement with gorgeous white walls. There’s no specific scene there. It’s very inclusive. 


Instagram @babyangelpr
Dream Vintage

Dream Vintage has just opened in Zurich in a shop previously called KAOZ. I love the Dream Vintage in Basel, so I know it’s going to be my favourite place to buy clothes in Zurich. They have a great Y2K collection and I find something every time I visit the store whether it’s a retro top or a pair of jeans. 




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