Acqua di Firenze

Welcome to the Magical World of ACQUA DI FIRENZE®, in via delle Belle Donne 15b, by the Window of Beautiful Women, one of the most enchanting and fascinating places in Florence. Lights, colours, gold, mirrors, the Gallery of Arte del Profumo® of ACQUA DI FIRENZE®, the Star of Perfume™, the first Perfume of Art™. ACQUA DI FIRENZE® is the essence of Art, because its scents are inspired by masterpieces of Art and Nature. ACQUA DI FIRENZE® is unique and original, because it starts from Art to create new Art. It is always new,because it invites you to be free, to be reborn, to love our Soul, our Beauty. You will be welcomed by its bright and golden shop window, defined by some as “the most enchanting shop windowin Florence”, with its mechanisms inspired by Leonardo da Vinci’s. Inside the Gallery, as on a magical ship suspended between the Sea and the Sky, CATERINA dei Medici, the Perfumeof Glamour; BACIO (KISS), the Perfume of Love, PRINCIPE (PRINCE), the first Perfume of Power, INFERNO (HELL), the Perfume of Temptation, LAETITIA (JOY), the Perfume of Paradise and Joy, are waiting for you.


Via delle Belle donne 15b
50123 Firenze
Tel. (+39)3478611663
Instagram @acquadifirenze

Opening times

everyday 10am - 1pm // 5pm - 8pm