Plant a tree with 25hours Hotels

Discover how your city stay can help create a new forest, promoting bio-divesity across Europe

Guests who stay longer than one night at a 25hours Hotel have the option to forego having their room cleaned during their stay. By doing so, important resources such as water are preserved, plus the money saved on cleaning goes towards tree planting initiatives around the world.

Those who support the campaign receive small tree pins to populate the forest pinboard in their hotel reception. At the end of the month, all the trees are counted and the corresponding amount is transferred to a local tree planting initiative.

In Germany, Austria and Switzerland, all donations go to Aktion Baum, a not-for-profit re-foresting organisation. Trees are planted near the town of Fulda about one hour from Frankfurt am Main to promote biodiversity. Since the start of the collaboration in April 2021 more than 22,440 trees have been donated, revealing how eco-conscious guests are.

It’s so important that when guests check into 25hours Hotels they have the discussion about tree planting. It’s important we do something for the next generation.

Lisa Marie Schiefer

In early March, a delegation of 25hours Hotels employees made the journey to the area (seen below), meeting with local foresters, and planting around 250 donated maple trees. Foresters had already planted 15,000 trees.

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