Discover a curated world with the Sisters of Paradise

The family business Sisters of Paradise is the brainchild of Ronja, Valentin and Prof. Stephan Gerhard, and together they invite guests to discover the world through their eyes.

The extraordinary hotel concept is interwoven with a saga about two sisters who search for their brother all over the world and encounter the most hidden locations and secret attractions in the process. In real life, this fictional story intersects with the exclusive Sisters of Paradise hotels, all of them establishments that the founders themselves – and the mythical sisters in the saga – carefully scouted on their travels. It goes without saying that Ronja, Valentin and Stephan draw on their own family history! As children of a hotelier, Ronja and Valentin were born with a passion for travel, adding a family touch to the trio’s concept, along with the expertise of Prof. Stephan Gerhard. Anyone wanting to become part of this saga is enticed not only by the fantastic Sisters of Paradise apartments, but also by a series of recommendations for the selected locations around the world. This means that everyone can use the attractive tips from the multi-talented team to compile their very personal itinerary. Founder Ronja and her team give their guests access to exclusive experiences and highlights that you would never find in an airport tourist guide. 

For instance the Sisters of Paradise have already uncovered numerous little sensations in Barcelona, Batumi, Miami and Marrakech to guarantee their clients extraordinary holidays. Besides magnificent apartments, their service includes little extras like contact with the doorman at the hottest club – but what you make of these exquisite flourishes is, of course, entirely up to you. 

The Sisters of Paradise hotel service shows strong similarities to the 25h philosophy – after all, each of the 25h hotels offers something new to discover and exudes its very own character and vibe. So even as a dyed in the wool travel professional, Ronja can always look forward to being surprised by the richly varied experience of residing at the 25h hotels. In this interview with COMPANION, founder Ronja speaks about the guaranteed adventure of her unique service.

Companion: What does it mean to become a member of the Family of Paradise?

Ronja: Our family members have the opportunity to visit beautiful and hand-picked places and to draw on the family’s experience and contacts. It is a community of like-minded individualists, ardent travellers who crave adventure wherever they go. We enable them to spend an unforgettable time at our favourite places, like you do among friends.

What role do you play in this concept?

Ronja: We see ourselves as location scouts, or rather we have personally selected the places and properties, explored the surroundings, and make recommendations based on our own experiences and preferences. This always includes an Italian restaurant, because pasta is simply the best food in the world, but also ‘hipster cuisine’ or even contact with the doorman at your favourite club, to name just a few of the services.

What is the most beautiful place you have visited so far?

Ronja: We do not believe that the ONE most beautiful location exists, although obviously we will all have places we prefer more than others. My father, for example, has been to Marrakech many times and simply adores strolling across the Djemaa El Fna, the city’s central marketplace, to watch the colourful hustle and bustle. That is why we have decided to include in our destinations a riad in the medina quarter. Personally, I feel particularly at home in Cape Town with Kite Beach right on my doorstep. The vineyards round about also produce superb local Crémant, which I think convinces us all.

Have you ever been disappointed by a travel experience?

Ronja: We’ve never really had a bad experience of travel in the traditional sense. That’s probably because we do our best to adapt to the local culture. We are always determined to grasp the local mentality and therefore behave accordingly. Apart from that, we travel to the locations without preconceived notions and simply allow the experience to unfold.  

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