The Beat Goes On

During the Telekom Electronic Beats 'Summer of Joy' festival,
Companion caught up with Berlin-based Korean DJ Shubostar to find
out how the beat of life is treating her and what the future holds

How would you define your career at present?

Finally got into the scene! Like online games - a good example being the World of Warcraft - you reach the final level and you think you’re done, but after that, as some would say, “It’s time to play the game”.

What led you to this point? 

Hitting rock bottom in my life. One time I had to quit being a DJ because of mental health issues. I couldn’t work or even meet people. After that period I moved to Mexico and started to work as a photographer. Then I got to know new DJ friends who invited me to play at their parties. During that time I realised this would be the last chance for me. I quit the photography job and took this chance. I spent most of my time in front of my laptop making music. After a few months, I started to have my own style and lots of love calls from clubs!

What’s the favourite part of what you do? 

Travelling all around the world of course! I love eating local food, meeting locals, and experiencing their culture. This gives me lots of energy. Right now I am in Montenegro with Telekom Electronic Beats for their ‘Summer of Joy’ party series, celebrating a return to the dance floor with the full sparkle of freedom, togetherness and community.

What does your hometown of Berlin mean to you?

The first time I visited Berlin I already knew that I would live there one day. Everything was so natural. Since I moved there, I haven’t felt for a single moment that I’m a stranger in this city. Living in Berlin as a DJ means a lot because it’s the capital city of the electronic music scene.

What makes Berlin a great city? 

If you ever experienced clubbing in Berlin you may know it’s the one and only. Where else are clubs open more than 48 hours without stopping every weekend? And most clubs don’t allow photos or videos to respect the vibe of the dance floor and the privacy of clubbers. These things make the Berlin club experience unique. It seems like the ideal club scene.

How important is togetherness and community? 

It’s everything. When you travel, depending on who you travel with, the experience totally changes. I love this phrase, “There are only three ways to change your life: 1. Change where you live. 2. Change people with whom you hang out. 3. Use your time differently”. I moved to Mexico City and I met great new artist friends. It changed my thoughts and my life. At the last Burning Man festival in Black Rock City, Nevada, I learned so many beautiful things and one of them was the value of being in a community. This world works because everyone is doing their duty. That’s why I also want to contribute my talent to the young generation, emerging creators and inclusive circles.

Do you think rave culture is alive and well? 

Not like the beginning, but yes, rave is alive and well! It’s a bit of a different shape because most raves are permitted by the government and affected by local laws. Rave people always find a way to coexist with non-clubbers in a peaceful way. Such as only daytime outdoor events, or supplying self-drug-test kits to avoid driving when they are high. Some people might say it got boring, but I kinda like this way. We can still enjoy the rave with responsibility.

What do you feel is the future of clubbing? 

The history of dance is almost as old as the history of human beings. Dancing is the most primal instinct and music always comes with dancing. Gathering to dance together to the same music in the same place, we feel a deep connection with each one another. This is a community. This is a ceremony. I’m sure clubbing will last until the end of the human race. Despite any interruption, clubbing will exist in one form or another - gathering and sweating together!

Do you have any more exciting plans that readers can get involved in? 

After my first US tour this September, I’m back in Berlin for my first gig in the Panorama Bar/Berghain on October 10th with Italoramabar. I want it so bad!

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